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Small Business Harness The Power Of Facebook

Small business often lack the funds, skills and resources to develop a truely great web presence. Small business sites are more often than not full of static pages that lack engagement. It's a fact that websites are expensive to build and even more expensive to maintain.

Competition over natural search terms is much higher as bigger and well established sites dominate Google search rankings. The cost of paid search marketing continues to escalate and this means that small businesses are increasingly finding it much harder to compete against the big brands who huge search marketing budgets enable them to swallow up the bulk of this traffic.

So where can small busineses compete or even get a head start?
The answer lies in social media. As small businesses are often more agile than bigger companies social media and especially Facebook present a huge market opportunity.

Using our Facebook fan page and Facebook site building tools it's really simple for you to start marketing your business direct to the 500,000,000+ consumers on Facebook who are eager to hear about what you offer.